The Chip Renaissance

by alee330

TL;DR at bottom

Imagine a world where Justin Bieber did not exist, kittens and puppies never grew up, and dinner plates were sold in vending machines. This would truly be a Utopian society, one that humanity has never seen the likes of. It would be called the Bieber Renaissance, and everyone would be happy. But sadly…Justin Bieber does exist, kittens and puppies do grow old, and vending machines don’t sell….Wait what’s that you say? Vending machines do sell dinner plates?

-But why?!?

-Because we can!

-But how?!?

-Well allow me to explain…

The owners of Corelle, World Kitchen, wanted to advertise their unique selling proposition (USP) to the public. In case you didn’t know, (But we all already did) Corelle produces dishes and bowls that are made from a unique material called Vintrelle, which is a laminated tempered glass chemically bonded to three separate layers. It is this unique material that allows Corelle products to be lightweight, durable, stackable, fade resistant, machine washable, and most importantly…Chip and Break Resistant. It is this last fact that Corelle bases it’s USP, and it is this USP that Corelle wishes to inform the public.

So what did Corelle do to advertise to the public? Well they constructed a vending machine that dispenses dishware to the public…DUH!

Grey Group China (Grey for short) was the ad agency responsible for this clever marketing campaign, which was launched in China. Once you watch the video, it is easy to see why the advertisement got such a positive response from the public. But to the well trained marketing genius (That is me); creativity only gets you in the door. I am a huge proponent of creativity with a purpose, and believe that good advertisement must not only be creative, but effective. Thankfully, this Corelle advertisement meets both of those requirements.

There are three things in particular that I want to point out which I think make this a brilliant marketing advertisement.


I cannot comment on the exact locations of the vending machines, but from what I have read; there was more then one vending machine, and the locations were chosen based on high traffic areas with a high likelihood of Corelle’s targeted demographic to be in presence.

Attention Grabbing:

Due to the bizarre nature of the vending machine, it’s physical presence serves as an attention grabbing display. I would bet that even if costumers did not purchase a dinner plate, the creativity of the vending machine would be enough to prompt “top-of-mind” purchase.

Experiencing USP:

Most of all…why this is such an ingenious ad is because of the vending machines ability to allow customers to physically experience the unique selling proposition of Corelle’s durable and chip resistant dishes.

I know the more pessimistic readers mumbling underneath their breath right now are probably saying, “But if the plates do break in the vending machine?” Heh, well I guess you’ll just have to buy the plates and find out! (After doing some more blogging investigation, I have come to learn that Corelle dishware increased by 20% the first month this ad campaign was initiated)

TL;DR: Corelle has come out with a creative vending machine to promote their durable dishware.

Cheers to good Marketing!